Think twice before selling your home on your own!

Monday Nov 06th, 2017


What is the worst thing that could happen if I try to sell my home myself?

ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!! No Buyers, No Sale!


If that thought makes you uncomfortable, you might want to consider some other questions:


Do you really know what your property is worth in today’s market?

Will you price it too high and discourage potential buyers or too low and lose part of your equity?

Can you show other houses as comparables?

Do you have a reasonable expectation of price for your area or did you just pull a number out of the sky?

Are you available to prospects on a full-time basis until the house is sold?

Do you work during the day away from home?

Will you find it difficult to show the home except on weekends or after dark?

How do you know this is a qualified buyer and not someone who simply wants to gain entry to your home?

Can you leave work to show a home to a potential buyer?

Are you available to stop what you are doing to take calls about your property?

Will your boss understand that you have another full-time job - selling your home?

Do you want to host an open house every weekend until your home is sold?

Were you aware that only 39 percent of home buyers attend open houses, and only 1% of homes are sold through Open House?

Can you call a prospect back without placing yourself in a poor bargaining position?

Do you know what to say, what not to say and what questions to ask?

How much should you reveal?

Where will you obtain potential buyers?

Can you prospect for home buyers during the day?

Did you know only 50% of buyers use the newspaper to buy a home, and over 82% of buyers use a REALTOR®?

Can you answer objections and criticism without getting emotionally involved and upset?

How will you feel about a buyer who may draw to your attention every item that may have escaped your attention, criticizing and discounting the home you love before your very eyes?

Can you keep smiling?

Are you familiar with all the financing possibilities to guarantee the sale?

Do you have the sources of financing?

Can they afford the home?

How can you prevent tying up your home in a contract with someone who can’t afford the home, wasting precious marketing time and perhaps losing the interest of other more qualified buyers?

Are you familiar in real estate contracts and their legal responsibilities?

Do you know your liabilities?

Are you familiar with disclosure?

Are you confident that you know enough about the real estate transaction to follow through without professional advice?

Do you know how to move a sale along when it is stalled in negotiations?

Do you know when to walk away?


Do you really have time to handle all the details?

We would like to familiarize you with the current condition of the Market. We can help you evaluate your position and find other ways to create the conditions for a quick sale besides leaving equity on the table. If you’d like the answers to the questions above, give us a call and we will send you our FREE Seller’s Guide entitled “7 Critical Mistakes”!

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