Things to know about a typical real estate Transaction

Tuesday Nov 21st, 2017




In general when people think of real estate sales representatives they presume ALL REALTORS are in the same boat. They have the idea that ALL REALTORS are the same. There is indeed a lot of "Bad Apples" in the real estate profession. Just like in any profession YOU need to know who YOU are dealing with. 

Then on the flip side - There are those real estate professionals who are trustworthy and hard working for their clients and their own reputation. They do what its needed to ensure the client is always taken care of from start to finish in each transaction. They will tell you the truth and the things you do not want to hear since this will be for their client's best interest. This is why when you deal with a real estate professional you deal with the one you can see will work hard for you and treat you like family.

There a lot of sellers and buyers who have had a sour taste and a bad experience with their current or past real estate representative/broker. Putting the experienced real estate professionals that we are all lumped in with the bad ones is not fair and should not be as so. The true real estate professional is not like this.

The experienced real estate professionals are here for YOU, our client, and WE do everything possible to ensure your needs are taken care of. 

The right real estate professional will make themselves available to YOU; our client....evening, weekends, holidays, and late nights. 

Clients need to not worry about bothering us, we are in the business as we chose an industry that makes a difference in a person's life. Real Estate is the most important industry as it provides shelter and a place to call home.

Buying/selling is an emotional and intimate experience that real estate professional take with passion and respect. We spend a lot of time with you and your family that we tend to fee as a part of your family in one way or another. We grow to love your kids because we see then a lot of the time; this is why we truly appreciate and are thankful for your referral of other family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers. 

We are human and this means we do our best as professionals but if a problem occurs all we are asking for is the chance to correct the problem. 

We are real estate professionals from selling, buying, and financing but there is also limitations on what we can do personally. This is why the experienced real estate professional , such as my group, has a vast network at your disposal. The list includes: plumbers, roofers, electricians, foundation experts, heating and air conditioning, dry wallers, contractors, landscapers, and driveway experts.

We recommend as much as we can during the negotiating process to ensure your property of your dreams will be yours. Home inspectors are just something we recommend you get to ensure the biggest purchase of your life comes with as little surprises as possible.

As real estate professionals who do not get a pay check each week or every 2 weeks...we are self employed and work on the continuous business of our happy clients. Sometimes we go months without being paid then get paid several times within a short period of time. This only means we must manage our money as best as we can. We pay for everything ourselves from the liability insurance to advertising, expenses of car use, professional dues and fees, continuing educations, and since we work for a top brokerage they get a substantial percent of every dollar we make. So this big pay check you think we get is a whole lot smaller then you would think. My team and I do this because we LOVE working in real estate and helping clients get to their real estate goals. 

The JIM AMITOFSKI Real Estate Group values YOU. Each and every one of our clients are very important to us. This is why we work together to ensure all aspects of Selling, Buying, and Financing we do together and ensure we work together as a TEAM to ensure your aspirations of home ownership is done together.


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