How to price your home right.

Tuesday Nov 07th, 2017



As a professional in real estate, the most important advantage, besides marketing exposure, is the statistics on the market where a home is being put on the market for sale I research to get the best price for your home.


In addition to the neighbourhood statistics – added bits of information that is necessary for a successful sale is:

Key Features of each competitive listing
Prices and time on the market for each competitive listing
The “Pros and Cons of each competitive listing


When it comes to the right price...the tools above is a key to finding the right price to put your home on the market.


It is key to getting the price you are looking for and within the time period you are looking for. Check out the link to request an idea what your home is worth and feel confident that you are going to get the price you need to sell and buy your next home --->

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