Homes sales are up in the Durham Region, Toronto Region, and Surrounding areas

Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018


Did some research and saw recently that the homes sale are up 4.5% just recently in December which I saw through the Canadian Real Estate Association. Which means that there is a need for all types of homes.CREA: home sales up 4.5% in December 

It was noticed that there was an increase in housing activity of over 55% in the local markets across Canada including the Durham and Toronto Regions. 

It was aparant that the new home supply in the Durham and Toronto Region 3.3% but on an offset the home inventory remained at 4.5 months of supply.

Reading into the Canadian Real Estate Association's home price index; it was up 9.1 year-over-year in December, this by far was the smallest increase since February 2016 and the 8th consecutive slowdown of price increases. 

Overall the new year is going to bring in an anticipation in the real estate market. Not only affected by what is happening across the country BUT how ALL these imposed mortgage rules given to us by our glorious government will affect us. 

Light at the end of the tunnel is that people will always need to buy a home and people will always need to sell. Talking to an experienced and seasoned real estate professional will help guide you into the most successful direction.


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