Understanding Mortgage Terminology

Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2019


Understanding Mortgage Terminology  Buying a home is a big step in any person's life. It is always good to be well informed so when making a decision to buy a home you feel comfortable with getting a mortgage for this step. The JIM AMITOFSKI Real Estate Group would like to help you to understand the mortgage process… “…brush up on your Mortgage term vocabulary BEFORE you take that first step…” Getting a mortgage loan is probably the... [read more]

Credit Score Help and the 5 Cs of Credit the Banks look at to approve A Mortgage

Sunday Nov 25th, 2018


I have been getting a lot of question on what the banks and other lending institutions consider under the bank act when making a decision on a mortgage application. A lot of factors are considered here but when a home buyer is looking to have the best chances of getting the home of their dreams the financing part is the next biggest thing besides the home and the location. This is why knowing the basics behind what lenders are looking for will help you better understand the process and what the... [read more]